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12.2m x 9.7m - Modular Building Steel Unit

Prod Ref 3535 - 12.2m x 9.7m - Modular Building (Steel Unit)

This 4-Bay Anti-Vandal Modular Building would provide an excellent temporary facility across many sectors including industry, commerce, education and construction. In its current form it provides office space for up to 14 staff including tea making facilities and a meeting room. Adjacent to this are male and female toilets. Comprised of 4 9.7m x 3m modules providing approximately 115m2 of accommodation. We have a further 2 compatible bays which could be used to extend the building into a 5 or 6 bay for further accomodation capacity.
7.2m x 36m - Modular Building Steel Unit

Prod Ref 3343 - 7.2m x 36m - Modular Building (Steel Unit)

12-Bay Anti-Vandal Steel Modular Building. Comprised of 12 7.2m x 3m modules. This unit is available in its current open plan 'as seen' condition. We can price to fully refurbish as it is or with a new layout / design. This building can be purchased as a whole 12 bay unit, or split into a smaller building if required. Price quoted is 'as seen'. Delivery and installation quoted separately. Please contact us for further details.
Buy for: £60000
Refurbished Price: £120,000

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