Flatpack Buildings


Containex is an innovative approach to Modular Buildings offering unrivaled versatility at a fraction of the cost and timescale of traditional buildings, all in a flatpack build. 

These bespoke flatpack buildings are manufactured in Austria at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Once they are fully built and assembled at their headquarters, they are flat-packed and transported to their destination in the UK where they are erected once again by our specially trained installation team. Up to 10 bays can be packed on one single lorry load!

Based on a panel system which ensures complete versatility, these high quality galvanised steel boxes can be designed to the customer's exact requirements. There are a range of options available for the customer to choose from, as well as a 'standard' range and an 'executive' range.

Using Containex is a fantastic way to futureproof your business as they are expandable and adaptable at any time going forward, ensuring the support of the growth of your business.

Customers are also able to retrospectively remove panels and replace them with things like fully glazed panels, and the units can be stacked up to three storeys high.

These are a highly sought-after and effective flatpack building.


High Quality Composition ~ Completely bespoke designs ~ Large range of applications

Futureproof your business ~ Stack 3 Storeys High


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