Site Set Up - Steel Unit

32'x10' - Site Set Up Steel Unit

Prod Ref 3310 - 32'x10' - Site Set Up (Steel Unit)

32'x10' Anti-Vandal Steel Cabin. This Unit comes equipped with: 1 External Door, 2 Windows, Solid Vinyl Floor, Vinyl Faced Plasterboard Walls & Ceiling, Open Plan Interior, Kitchenette, Water Heater, Heating, Lighting, Consumer Unit, 6 Twin Socket Outlets, External 32 Amp Plug. This Unit is available in either it's current 'as seen' condition or refurbished. External Paint is available in a RAL colour of your choice.
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32'x34' - Site Set Up Steel Unit

Prod Ref ths3on3 - 32'x34' - Site Set Up (Steel Unit)

3 on 3, 32'x10' Thurston Jackleg Cabin Site Set-Up. This full set-up comes equipped with: Canteen with Kitchenette, Kitchen, Male & Female Toilet block, Drying Room, 5 Office Rooms, Meeting Room, External Stairs & Landings. All units come equipped with appropiate lighting, heating and plumbing where applicable.
12.2m x 9.7m - Site Set Up Steel Unit

Prod Ref 3535 - 12.2m x 9.7m - Site Set Up (Steel Unit)

This 4-Bay Anti-Vandal Modular Building would provide an excellent temporary facility across many sectors including industry, commerce, education and construction. In its current form it provides office space for up to 14 staff including tea making facilities and a meeting room. Adjacent to this are male and female toilets. Comprised of 4 9.7m x 3m modules providing approximately 115m2 of accommodation. We have a further 2 compatible bays which could be used to extend the building into a 5 or 6 bay for further accomodation capacity.
10 x 8 - Site Set Up Steel Unit

Prod Ref 3169 - 10 x 8 - Site Set Up (Steel Unit)

Introducing our 10x8ft Portable Steel Smoking Shelter with a full width seating area. This smoking shelter is designed to provide a comfortable and designated area for smokers. Made from durable steel, it is painted in a sleek grey finish, but can be repainted in your desired color. The fully open side provides easy access, while the open-frame design on the sides meets government guidelines for smoking shelters. The full width seating area provides a comfortable space for smokers to relax. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces and its portability means it can be relocated as needed. Provide a practical and stylish solution for your smoking area with this must-have shelter.
Buy for: £1600

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