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Upwards of 100 stores, cabins and modules to choose from

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Recycled Buildings for
Classrooms and Offices
at a Fraction of the cost of New

Building Recycling is a process that uses the underlying structure of an existing building and returns it to an 'as new' condition almost equal, and in some cases superior to an equivalent new building.

The process can be applied to Jack Leg Cabins (left) and Amentiy Units and Modular Buildings used as commercial offices, classrooms and healthcare facilities.

The savings can be considerable. The Jack leg cabin (left) sells for 4,500 over 30% less than the equivalent unit new at today's prices.

For the building right, recycling allowed considerable improvments to be made. The external cladding provided improved thermal insulation in addition to a distinctive look. The building also featured double glazing throughout with full air conditioning.

New Range of Portable
Flat-pack Storage Containers

Available in 2M, 3M, or 4M lengths by 2.1M wide

We can now supply products from the ExpandaStore Range for both sale or hire.

These flexible structures can be easily assembled on site with only a socket set and screwdriver. They arrive in totally man-portable elements that allow them to be installed in resticted areas without the need for a crane.

The profiled steel modules can be supplied with the standard galvanised finish, or in powder coated blue or green in 2M, 3M or 4M lengths all by 2.1m. The modules can also be linked to create longer units.

The buildings are delivered in the flat pack form, and ready for immediate installation. CabinsGB can provide a team of experienced installers to ensure that the building's first installation is conducted correctly.

Exceptional Opportunity
Modern classroom for up to 50 students

Available Now

A five section building providing 2 classrooms approximately 30' x 20' currently in use.

The building has a central entrance lobby with store behind. Electric lighting heating and power. Can be redecorated internally and externally in colour of choice.

Available late July.

Delivery and installation priced separately.

Actual prices are dependant on age, condition and availability but all are priced to sell
We can also provide a complete redecoration, refurbishment and fit-out service to suit your requirements.
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